I was born in Chicago when Chicago Bulls was at it’s highest. I feel proud to be born at that time. My parents are from Turkey and I am 100% Turkish who is also an American citizen. I am a diplomat's daughter, who has lived in many countries all her life.

I majored in graphic design at a fine arts faculty and I found where I wanted to be which was around a group of crazy creatives. 

My advertising and design career started off when I interened at McCann Erickson Istanbul and DDB & Co. Which later on that year I landed a job as Jr. Art Director at TBWA\Istanbul. Now with my team mate Tiago Cortez, I am currently working as an Art Director at Ogilvy & Mather Dubai. In 2016 we both won internationally known competitions under the Cyber Integrated category. One was the Dubai Young Lynx and the other was Dubai Young Lions.

If you like to see the work that we entered to the competitions please check our website.

I am a huge cheese fan. When I am not sitting around eating cheese, I love to sketch very random thoughts that go on in my mind and write my book, which hopefully I will finish before I die. Besides that I love to snowboard, sail, longboard and dance when I do get the chance.

Tiago Cortez

“Being Tiago’s mom means encouraging him to work hard, make mistakes, and then achieve success. After all, I am the lucky one who watched him persevere through crawling, walking, reading, writing and making friends.

Being Tiago’s mom means getting to see him repeat this cycle of work, failure, and achievement again and again. His energy and determination are contagious.

Being Tiago’s mom means the ultimate satisfaction when I feel his happiness. His joy and pride, even more than his accomplishments, make me profoundly happy. 

Take good care of my little boy... by the way, he loves Cerelac Wheat while working late at night.”

- Elsa Leão Cortez, medical doctor and proud mom

Mothers know better, right?

That is why I asked my mom to say some nice things about me. Dad was a bit jealous but he’ll get over it. Of course my mom was going to say good things about me. One: she is my mom. Two: I just bought her a brand-new Louis Vuitton. So, if you’re still looking for a recommendation, now you know what to do.  Just ask my mom.

- Tiago Cortez, creative and proud son